This testimonial serves to provide a true and sincere picture of Natalie Rhodes.

I worked with Natalie from 2009 to 2017 when she was appointed as the Executive Assistant/Consultant to the Chairman of Zambezi Airlines and Managing Director and partner of Nyiombo Investments Limited.

Zambezi Airlines Limited a start up regional airline established to facilitate travel from Zambia to the Eastern, Central and Southern African Capital cities.  The Airline fleet comprised three Boeing 737-500 new generation aircraft and with a staff level of just over a hundred employees.

Nyiombo Investments Limited, a leading Agricultural commodities trading company in Zambia and in the Eastern, Central and Southern African countries.  Nyiombo primary activities was the supply and distribution of various fertilizers to small and large scale farmers.  The company traded on average 150,000MT to 300,000MT fertilizers valued at USD 100,000,000 to USD 150,000,000 per year.

These two companies were managed by highly professional managers directed by their respective Board of Directors.

Natalie Rhodes

The Position

The level of activities of these two companies required the that both Board of Directors and managers were given the highest level of support services headed by the Executive Assistant/Consultant.

The Person

Natalie was selected from a very competitive array of individuals from within Zambia and abroad (South Africa, Kenya, The United Kingdom, Mauritius).   

The Activities

While the economic and business environment in Zambia was in a lot of ways much more inferior to South Africa and the other countries that the companies operated, Natalie brought to bear her experience and expertise to both Zambezi Airlines and Nyiombo Invesments Limited.

The various Board meetings and Management meetings were transformed from the time Natalie joined the team.  Further Natalie provided the much needed on the job training to the administrative staff and recommended the training needs much needed to build human resource capacity.

In the social and team building areas Natalie brought a new dimension to the way staff interacted and shared their experiences and expertise.  

All local and foreign travels was managed by Natalie.  As part of the senior management and Board of Directors, my travels were seamless and well arranged.  I believe that the rest of the senior managers and Directors also experienced smooth travels and meetings within Zambia and abroad which included extensive travel to Europe, the America’s, Asia and throughout Africa.

The level of Finance that these two companies were engaged and exposed to required much attention to detail.  Natalie provided the necessary administrative support in which on many occasions created a smooth interaction with all the blue chip financiers.

Finally Natalie provided the leadership in her area of expertise.

Dr Maurice Jangulo

Chairman & Managing Director, Zambezi Airlines & Nyiombo Investments Ltd, Zambia

I have known Natalie Rhodes for five years both in a personal and work capacity. She is a loyal and trustworthy colleague. Natalie does her work in a timely and professional manner, and she will always strive to do that bit extra in any task she is given. She has a keen eye for finding challenging areas in ones business, and will always advice on how to rectify and improve.

Zoe Townsend

I have known Natalie for more than 25 years.  We met at a company we both worked for back in 1995.  Natalie, I believe is the reason for my own personal career growth and success.  She inspired me to be the best I can be and set a great example back in the day.

She is one of the most dedicated, hardworking, self-driven and committed people I have had the privilege to meet. She is at the same time, compassionate and always willing to assist and go the extra mile.  No job is too big or too small for her.

She is someone you can trust and rely on; exceptionally efficient.  Her positive attitude and never say die attitude is one of her greatest attributes together with her competitive nature to over achieve in everything she sets her mind on.

For these reasons I strongly recommend Natalie for any task at hand and believe she will be a valuable asset and extension to any organisation fortunate enough to have her by their side.

If you invest in Natalie’s business, it will be like having your own Virtual PA in your pocket.

Paula Smit

Client Retention Manager, Inland at Dawn Wing Couriers, South Africa

I am Dr Koot Naude, former employer of Natalie Rhodes.

During my employment as a Director of Vodacom Service Provider Company in Johannesburg I needed a Personal Executive Assistant who was competent and capable of managing my office. My office was extremely busy during the initial phases of the cellular industry. It was a new industry and very few procedures were in place and had to be developed. The pressure created by the customers and staff were extreme.

I was fortunate to find a person with the personality and competence in Natalie Rhodes. In many instances she was alone and had to handle the pressure when I was away or in meetings. I was proud that the reputation of my office was viewed as efficient and professional. Natalie was the person that kept all in place.

As the industry grew very fast the pressure was always on my Personal Assistant. This required a person who was able to organise the running of the office and my personal time in a way that we would not lose control of our staff and the happenings in the broader business.

I was often complimented by colleagues for the efficiency of my office. All the credit was due to Natalie. Her personality and work ethic made all the difference during difficult times.

I highly recommend Natalie’s professional services without reservation.

Dr Koot Naude

Managing Director, Vodacom SA (Pty) Ltd