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How to determine the right va hire for you

It starts with an understanding of what kind of tasks you’ll typically need someone to handle.  You may have an idea of that already, but you might also find the concept of “getting more time in your day” is far vaguer than you’d considered.

The first step might sound redundant, but as the process goes on, you’ll discover that it’s definitely essential. The stage at which you want to lessen your priorities, so you don’t have to wonder if the VAs you encounter later on are the right ones for you.  Do this step right, and the rest of the process will unfold naturally.

Listed below are the more popular categories of VAs. This will help you identify your primary needs here:

This is our broad look at the typical VA tasks. There may be some overlap between skills.

The key is in looking at these skills and determining which ones you’ll require most often.  What skills will your VA repeat? What can they expect to do regularly?

That means going through your current schedule and asking what takes up most of your time, what you will outsource – and how you can uncouple yourself from specific processes.

General Admin VA

Respond to email inquiries, schedule travel, book calendar appointments, creates documents, performs online file, invoicing.

Ecommerce va

Have experience with platforms like Shopify or Amazon and can assist you to handle the ins and outs of maintaining an online store.

Content Writer VA

VAs can help perform the research necessary to get your writing done and are essential to the process. Since VA’s are excellent at removing distractions common to running a business, writers will be freer to focus on the actual hard creative work that makes their businesses run.

Industry Specific VA

Have experience with business consultants, for example or life coaches who need to make sure that each of their clients always have a point of contact.

Small Business VA

Has a wide range of experience helping small businesses expand, and can utilise that experience to help you gain a better understanding of where some of your most important areas of future growth might be.

Launch VA

You are looking into launching a podcast, book, or even an online class, it goes without saying that there is a lot of work that goes into the process, including marketing. A Launch VA typically comes with a team to provide a full-service option for you.  They come with years of insight, staying up to date with what is currently trending and which trend is the best.  This type of VA is for anyone looking to have a big impact on the very first day of their launch.  It is not likely your general or executive virtual assistant will be skilled in these areas; however, those VAs can effectively serve as the liaison to get the team what is needed while you write, speak, interview, and promote.

Marketing VA

Specialize in writing, editing, and proofreading content, but a marketing VA isn’t necessarily writing for you although it’s often an additional service that they offer. Some Marketing VAs even specialize in email, digital marketing, or Facebook ads. Quite often they will have a preferred platform.

Social Media VA

This VA does more than scheduling social media posts.  They assist you in identifying your online audiences, improve engagement and increase traffic.  They turn followers into leads and then convert those leads to sales.  Run analytics, perform A/B testing as well as increase your reach.  In our opinion, this VA is quite often great at being a community manager of online groups on social media.

Technical Support VA

Will assist you in creating online classes, automate your email campaigns as well as all your systems and update your website. These VAs can usually assist you with your website needs, create fantastic landing pages, integrate MailChimp and handle most of your technical issues.

Executive VA

Responds to emails on your behalf, coordinates complex travel, serves as a liaison between you and your clients, creates presentation, complex reports and  manages spreadsheets.  An Executive VA is an extension of yourself.  They are more than capable of navigating busy schedules and will definitely keep you on track.