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Saying YES!

It was only in the last year that I found out who Shonda Rhimes is whilst watching an Oprah Winfrey documentary on YouTube.  In the event you don’t know already, Shonda is the award-winning writer of the series, Grey’s Anatomy.  Shonda was being interviewed...

Self Care during the Pandemic

Why it is important to disconnect from work during the pandemic? Many people are working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, even if that means trying to finish projects while your child (or in some cases your pet) desperately seeks attention. On the other hand,...

Yes, I am a Goal Digger!

Yes, I am a GOAL DIGGER! The difference between a goal digger and a gold digger is that goal diggers have dreams and ambitions for success and opportunity and are highly motivated in all aspects to reach the peak of their challenges. They don’t stop at a new...

Out of Office Message

Write an Effective Out of Office Assistant Message. Are you going on vacation? Are you going to be out of the office for a short or even long period of time? Don’t forget to set up and turn on your “Out of Office Assistant” on Microsoft Outlook. It’s amazing how many...

9 Tips to see you through the Festive Season

Christmas period for the busy entrepreneur can be a lot more stressful than usual. Wrapping-up all business-related matters that you normally do in a month, now have to be completed in a couple of days or weeks.  This after what has been a long and arduous year...

What sets us apart?

The Virtual Assistant Business Club is known for its accountability and world-class service. Entrepreneurs and business owners turn to The Virtual Assistant Business Club when they need a reliable virtual assistant for their business. Companies hire virtual assistants...