Yes, I am a GOAL DIGGER! The difference between a goal digger and a gold digger is that goal diggers have dreams and ambitions for success and opportunity and are highly motivated in all aspects to reach the peak of their challenges. They don’t stop at a new car or new shoes (unless buying it for themselves). A goal digger is a networker, experience enthusiast, and all-around girl boss! A gold digger, however, well let’s keep this ‘tidy’ as the saying goes, we all know one that has crossed our path, somewhere or somehow!

As a woman who is extremely strong-minded (sometimes this scares people), we must keep our expectations high, and motivate fellow lady bosses to believe they are equally as capable to be better, do better and achieve wonderful things.

I have always been driven, and self-motivated. From an early age, I would mentally and physically push myself, whether that was swimming to make South African championship or to saving up my waitressing tips to buy myself something awesome.

My parents have instilled a strong work ethic in me, getting my first part-time job at the age of sixteen in a restaurant, allowing me to earn my own money. Earning my own money was important to me, to be able to treat myself with what I have worked for was an achievement.  I feel the same to this day. I love being able to say, “I did this”, it’s a real sense of accomplishment, and I don’t mean it in just a materialistic way either, just writing this blog is a personal triumph! I have been lucky with the people I have surrounded myself with, who have encouraged and supported me to go after what I want and what makes me tick, to chase my goals and follow my dreams. Don’t get it twisted, the chase isn’t easy, but what in life is, right?

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style.” – Maya Angelou – my mantra for this next chapter in my life.

A strong woman will certainly have respect for the rights of others, but when she doesn’t feel the mutuality, she bounces, regardless, which brings me on to the touchy subject of the male. Goal digging women seek an even playing field with men with the knowledge and courage to abandon outdated feminism beliefs. I am one of these women, who can speak freely on what I want and not worry about scrutiny for being so direct. (I am yet to learn how to deal with the repercussions of my honesty at times)! However, some (emphasis on some) men will find us goal diggers a threat, maybe even be intimidated by you, your career, aspirations and even your achievements. which I experienced previously in my last two jobs in the corporate world. Thankfully that catapulted me into becoming the owner and founder of The Virtual Assistant Business Club, and for that, I am grateful, cheers to the last three gents that employed me!  

On the flip side to that, some men will appreciate your strong-will to push the boundaries to get what you want and above all, get what you deserve. It is much more attractive when you have complete control over your life and your decisions, goal diggers would never sacrifice their independence for an easy ride. Remember that ladies!

Being a goal digger does not mean you must work every minute of every day, it means you appreciate the grind, you know where you’re going and no one will stand in your way. You have fun, with the end goal in sight (always).

Networking is a goal diggers haven, it’s a chance to meet likeminded people, maybe even someone who will help you find your way to that end goal, and of course you return the favour. That’s what we do, we know our worth and are quick to remind others of theirs. It doesn’t matter what your goal is, if you believe in yourself to achieve it, I guarantee you, you will. When… I don’t know, only you will know, but it will happen. Be patient, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Everyone’s version of success is different, but I have always been focused, organized, determined, and have had a willingness to work hard. My life can sometimes get hectic, where I feel like I am just snowballing from one thing to another with no pause button, but in the last few months, I have started to include some balance, and force myself to come up for air. I believe to achieve what you want you must have a sense of balance in your life, you need to be passionate, set yourself goals, and reward yourself. I am a firm believer in having fun yet still being a goal-getter!

If you are a girl boss, fantastic news, let’s hang out! If you’re destined to be one, your time to shine is coming, and if you’re reading this and wishing you were one, then honey set your sights high, gain some focus, aim for it and smash it! Because the girl boss deep down inside of you is too legit to quit! Moral of the story ladies: Don’t settle for the GOLD when the GOALS are so much sweeter.

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